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Ripple Fragrances Pvt. Ltd.

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Ripple Fragrances  Pvt. Ltd. is a division of the NR Group - with headquarters at Mysore. It is a trailblazing brand that is the creator and marketer of the popular Lia air fresheners. Every modern home demands a pleasant ambience. So Ripple Fragrances has introduced an irresistible range of air fresheners for fragrant urban homes.

This brand under the banner of NR Group is fast becoming a household name in the country thanks to its aim to create vibrant lifestyles, an alluring ambience, and memorable gifting experiences.

With amazing product offerings under the premium air freshener lines Lia and Iris, Ripple Fragrances creates an exotic aromatic experience that will linger in your home and car to usher in a whole new wave of excitement. Lia offers spatial fragrance solutions for homes, offices and mobile spaces. Iris harnesses the power of Aromacology to provide wellbeing through novel delivery systems.

The Aromacology product line at the Iris Aroma Boutique includes:

Leaving behind a trail of fragrant goodness, Ripple Fragrances has now forayed into the personal care industry and has launched deodorants and perfumes under the brand name DNA!

With dedicated manufacturing facilities that cover 30000 square feet for candle, 18000 square feet for incense and allied products 4000 square feet for liquid filling and 14000 square feet for product assembly, Ripples Fragrances is here to make a strong mark in the fragrance delivery segment in the country and worldwide.

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