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Pure Prayer, developed by Spiritual Products Private Limited, offers a unique eCommerce platform connecting all Temples, Religious institutions and major holy kshetras across India. It provides Information on Events, Panchanga, Festivals, Pujas (Poojas) at Kshetras, Homas, Havans, Yathras, Parihara Pujas, Pandit / Purohits services at Kshetras, Astrology services along with Temple specific festivals, pujas etc.

Pure Prayer offers special Pujas (Pooja), Homas, Japas, Havans, Yathras Parihara, Pandit, Purohits, Astrologers services and other religious services at prominent temples or Kshetras or at any location of your choice Across India.  Explore the world of pujas (Pooja), Homas, Japas, Havans, Yathras, Parihara Pujas

Pure Prayer website and app (android and iOS) is live, catering to 30K Devotees and Servicing about 300+ temples in India. Devotees can explore all offerings on our website and App and pre-book any of the services online through secure payment gateways or just give a call to our Customer Support centre on 080-6766 6666 or visit our website Check out Pure Prayer’s extensive collection of devotional songs, Pravachanas etc.  We are proud to have associated with a number of Scholars and Pradhana Purohits at Kshetras like, Kukke, Gaya, Sabarimala, Rameshwaram, Udupi, Gokarna and many more.