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Vyoda Pvt. Ltd.

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Vyoda is an agricultural tech start-up with a vision to deliver affordable smart Irrigation solutions through product innovation. It aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices for a better tomorrow.

Although the company belongs to NR Group, it has established an R&D facility in Tel Aviv with the intention to leverage Israel's strong product development capabilities and expertise in agriculture. The company's mission is to make its offerings affordable to small and medium farmers, In order fulfil this mission, Vyoda has also set up a state of the art manufacturing facility in Mysuru, India.

Vyoda is making a significant impact in the agricultural arena of the country by developing and supplying affordable yet robust solar water pumps. These pumps will increase yield while maximising the utilization of farmland and reducing carbon footprint. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. With nature at its core philosophy, Vyoda aims to provide solutions for sustainable agriculture in the future.