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NR Centre for Community Development distributes Skill Training certificates to 85 trainees

The Maharani Women’s Commerce & Management College was granted tally software and park benches as a part of the CSR initiative by NR Group

NR Centre for Community Development (NRCCD), an initiative by NR Foundation, conducted 2 months Employability skill training for maharani college students, 3 month tailoring training for rag peckers women’s in Kurubarahalli, also 10 days’ paper bags making training visual impaired youth. Employability-63, tailoring training-15 and paper bags making-7, totally 83 students were trained. Certificate distributed to all 63 students who completed Employability Skill and vocational skill training at the NRCCD. The event was held at the Maharani Women’s Commerce and Management College Auditorium. The college also received Tally software and 30 park benches from the NR Foundation as a part of their CSR Initiative.

The event was graced by Mr. Guru, Chairman, NR Group and Mr. Kiran Ranga, Director, NR Group and Dr. Mahadeva Swamy, Principal. The skills development training is provided to upskill the youth and enhance their employability. Vocational training for making Paper Bags were given to 7 visually impaired students motivating the students to start self-entrepreneurship. Tailoring skills were also provided to 15 rag picking women in Kurubarahalli, this training further helps them to increase their family income.

Speaking about the event, Mr. R. Guru, Chairman, NR Group, says, “We at NR Foundation believe that skill is better than strength and we are committed towards uplifting the weaker sections of society by providing them employability skill training. With this training, we boost their confidence to become employed and run their family. NR Foundation provides multiple vocational training to uplift their life. As a value-led organisation, we pledge to serve our society and be there for them. With the courses we are providing at NRCCD, it will upskil a youth to be able to support themselves.”

Speaking about the event, Mr. Kiran Ranga, Director, NR Group, says, “Our goal is to inspire the young students to believe in themselves. The students of the college are bright and the future of India. While interacting with the students, we encouraged them to support the weaker sections of society. The certification program was held to make the students believe in the value of education and skills.

Speaking about the event, Dr Mahadeva Swamy, Principal, MWCM College, says, “We are truly honoured to receive the tally software and 30 park benches for the college. It is an addition to our infrastructure. It is heart-warming to know that NR Foundation is focused towards providing skill training to people who are blind and are economically backward. They work towards uplifting the economically backward people by providing them employability skill training so that they can bring stable income in their family. This certificate distribution event is a momentous occasion for us at MWCM College, to be a part of their journey and inspire our students to serve the society we live in.”

Tally software and 30 park bench handover was done in the presence of the students of the college and the event was attended by Dr. Mahadeva Swamy, Principal, MWCM college and Prof. Krishna Murthy, Dept of Kannada, Prof. Somanna, HOD, Dept Commerce, Dr. Manju, S. HOD, Dept of, and Dr. Pro, Ravi Shankar, HOD Dept of MBA, MWCM, College as guests.