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IRIS Aroma showcases festive range at a Diwali exhibition

Bangalore, October 13, 2017: Iris Aroma Boutique from the house of Ripple Fragrances, a spatial rangeof products from NR Group, has launched a new range of gifting option this time around, for Deepavali. Deepavali, when people almost always believed in gifting sweets, now have many more options at a time when people are trying to stay away from sweets as it's not seen as a healthy option. It is the festival of lights and is about sharing happiness. What betterway to evoke feelings of happiness and excitement than the use of fragrances and aromas.

The range of gifting options from Iris, including its fragrances and aromas, do just that. Scientific studies have proven that pleasant smells stimulate and soothe your senses and make you feel happy, even influencing the taste of your food. They, hence, make perfect gifting options. While fragrances and aromas influence your olfactory senses, your visual senses too need stimulation. Deepavali is a time when you repair and paint your houses and beautify it, making it look as good as new. Home décor items from Iris will help do just that --provide a visually-soothing atmosphere. The collection includes exquisite glass lanterns, candle holders, vase and lamps with intricate designs on it. The fine range of aromas includes enriching and refreshing fragrances like lavender, lemongrass, apple cinnamon and sandal. Anyone would be keen on receiving a gift that is utilitarian, and if it is home décor, it's probably the best gift that one can get. Iris has ensured that it uses the science and art of visual merchandising optimally. Towards this, it has redesigned its stores keeping in tune with the festival.

Ripple Fragrances

Ripple Fragrances Pvt Ltd is a division of the NR Group - with headquarters at Mysore. NR Group was established in 1948 and is the market leader in incense sticks with its flagship brand "Cycle". The NR Group is vertically integrated in the fragrance domain. It is one of the few Indian marketing companies that creates and blends its perfumes in-house. NESSO, a subsidiary of the NR Group, manufactures floral and herbal extracts. It is a global market leader in Tuberose and Jasmine extracts.

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